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Black In Neuro

celebrating Black excellence in neuroscience-related fields

How to submit a post:

Send a short 250-word pitch summarizing your potential post to BlackInNeuro@gmail.com. Make sure to include:

    • A brief introduction of who you are (and a link to your Black In Neuro profile, if applicable).

    • Links to any previous publications.

    • A quick overview of what you'd like to write about. Try to include the "5 W's" -- i.e., the who, what, where, when, and why of the article.

    • A quick overview of how long you intend the piece to be and if you will be including supplemental materials (i.e., videos, graphs, images, etc.)

    *Please note that all posts must adhere to our Submission Guidelines. Not all pitches submitted to Black In Neuro will be accepted. Once accepted, writers will be compensated for their work. Potential Topics:

    Get inspired by these ideas or pitch your own!

    • Why I’m proud to be #BlackInNeuro
    • The untold difficulties of being #BlackInNeuro
    • BlackInNeuro pioneers that everyone ought to know
    • Disparities in Neuro and how we can do better
    • My Journey to Neuro
    • 5 things I wish I knew before graduate school
    • Why I chose my Neuro career and how I pursued it
    • What it means to be a good mentor
    • Open letters to former mentors
    • Outreach by us, for us
    • Embracing multiple marginalized identities
    • Finding and cultivating joy in my journey
    • The sides of me that you can’t see
    • A message to the next generation
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