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Black In Neuro

celebrating Black excellence in neuroscience-related fields

Submission Guidelines

We encourage anyone in neuroscience or neuro-related fields to share their stories, their struggles, and the things that inspire them. Blog posts can be credited or anonymous -- but if anonymous, the Black In Neuro editorial team may, depending on the nature of the content, require an internal confirmation of your identity (which will be kept private).

We invite you to talk about your intersecting identities, your diverse interests, the people who have helped and/or hindered your journey, and discuss the things that keep you feeling inspired and focused outside of work. 

We are not interested in stories that are selling a product, pitches that promote an initiative or organization that is not in line with Black In Neuro's mission, or pieces that imply a partnership or endorsement from Black In Neuro. 

We are also not interested in articles that spread false information or cite discredited studies and/or unreliable news sources.

We may also turn down a pitch if we feel it is not in line with our core values.

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